Track Drive

These drives consist of a planetary gear unit. The constructive solution of this unit is based on the design of planetary gears with rotating housings. Robustness, compactness, economy, and versatility are the most significant features of this product. The compactly shaped, plug-in type hydraulic motor will be directly flanged to the unit.

  • ll the parts are designed and manufactured to high quality standards to perform under intended service. Output housing is made from cast steel that conforms to IS standards.
  • Reduction Ratio : 10 approx.
  • High torque capacity achieved by careful selection of materials, heat treatment and geometrical design of the gears calculated in accordance with ISO Standards. All standard parts such as bearings, seals,hardware are procured directly from reputed manufacturers for genuiness and cost effectiveness.
  • The Planetary gears of these Track Drive units are also used in the Cypla Winches, the Slew Drives, so that the complete drives are of the same construction and have common parts.
  • High Output torques indicated are peak torques permits for short-term operation only.


 Track Vehicles.
 Heavy duty tired machines.
 Road Roller, Compacters.
 Marine Capstans.
 Winches and Hoists


  • Diameter Range : 150 to 400 mm
  • Reduction Ratio : 10 approx.
  • Torque rating : 5000 NM..
  • Power Rating :037 kW to 37 kW