Slew Drives

These drives consist of a planetary gear unit having compact dimensions, robustness and versatility. The unit is equipped with a hydraulic fails safe wet type multi-disc brake or electromagnetic brake. The brake is released hydraulically or electrically. Input prime mover can be hydraulic, air or electric motors.

  • Excavators
  • Truck mounted concrete pumps
  • Mobile cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Drilling machines
  • Dock cranes & Deck cranes
  • Construction cranes & conveyors
  • Loading & cargo handling cranes
  • Access platforms



  • All the parts are designed and manufactured to high quality standards to perform under intended service. Output housing is made from cast steel that conforms to IS standards.


All the gear parts are manufactured from high alloy steel. Optimized for best possible tooth flank and root load capacity and minimum sliding speeds. Externally toothed gears case hardened and ground, internal gears heat-treated and nitrides..

  • High torque capacity achieved by careful selection of materials, heat treatment and geometrical design of the gears calculated in Accordance with ISO Standards.
  • All standard parts such as bearings, seals, hardware are procured directly from reputed manufacturers for genuiness and cost effectiveness.The Planetary gears of these Slewing units are also used in the Cypla Winches, the Track Drives, so that the complete drives are of the same construction and have common parts.


  1. Diameter Range : 150 to 400 mm
  2. Reduction Ratio : 10 approx.
  3. Torque rating : 5000 NM.
  4. Power Rating : 037 kW to 37 kW