Shaft Mounted Planetary

Cyclo parallel shaft mounted top gear quality units are part of the Cyclo modular system. With helical and three- phase AC motors with or without brakes, this system covers all possible drive combinations, right up to electronic variable speed drives. Cyclo parallel shaft gear units are designed for continuous duty. The gear unit housings made of gray cast iron are developed and has an optimized structure in terms of rigidity and vibration absorption.

Radial shaft seals with dust-protects lips prevent oil from leaking out of the housing and dust and water entering into it. CYCLO parallel shaft gear units are available in two-stage and three-stage designs. Standard series gear units can be supplied for attaching in any position. The gear units are available in a solid-shaft or hollow- shaft design with a parallel key connection, shrink disk connection or as per customer requirement. The Product is designed with the help of computers for the optimum power to weight ratio. All components are designed in keeping stringent requirements. 

Cyclo is committed to keeping the spirit of continuous improvement and focus our strategy of strict quality control standards, quick response, prompt delivery and low price. We look forward to working with all our customer’s growing demands. Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will assist you throughout the design, manufacturing and implementation process. 

Drive Rating

  1. Torque Capacity : 200 to 40,000NM
  2. Reduction Ratio : 7.00 onwards
  3. Power Rating : 037kw to 75kw