Screw Jack

Cyclo Screw Jacks are ruggedly built, electromechanical transmission components suitable for a wide spectrum of industrial machinery with the best jacking solutions and support. Wide range provides engineer great flexibility in design and coupled with a modular approach to nut and installation arrangement, satisfying customers design requirements.

Cyclo Screw Jacks can be provided with electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual inputs. Precise relative motion is provided for screw jacks used in combination, but with unequal loads. Rest position is maintained by the self locking trapezoidal screw and using a brake motor. Cyclo delivers custom engineered solutions for various customers. We also supply customized linear actuators with high precision for special purpose requirements. 

Drive Rating

  1. Load Capacity : 0.5 to 100 Ton.
  2. Screw Size : TR 24 to TR 100
  3. Power Rating : 0.25 to 50 HP
  4. Screw Type : Trapezoidal or Ball.


  1. Trapezoidal or Ball screw jack.
  2. Combined with hydraulic cylinders.
  3. With Base, Oscillating, Rotating types.
  4. Special screw to wheel ratios.
  5. Supports or coupling for direct motor assembly.
  6. Worm or two pinion bevel gears.
  7. Anti-backlash and anti-rotation system.
  8. Additional guides and mechanical stops.
  9. Electric limit switches and position detection system.