Shaft Mounted Reducer

Cyclo Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers are the most convenient method of reducing speed. SMR can be directly mounted on the drive shaft of the equipment to be driven. The direct mounting principle assures correct alignment and reduces foundation, couplings, etc. A torque-arm anchors the reducers and provides quick, easy adjustment of the wedge belts by means of its turnbuckle.

SMR is manufactured in twelve different sizes, and the Model No. is specified with respect to its rated torque capacity in Kg-m. The reduction ratios available are 5:1, 13:1 & 20:1. A very wide choice of output speeds can be determined by the use of an appropriate input belt drive. 


Shaft mounted speed reducer can now be secured to the driven shaft by a unique bush locking system which overcomes the difficulties which can be experienced with other methods of mounting, particularly in corrosive environments. The principle of using locked tapers to secure power transmission components has been established for many years. The Thread Lock system is based on the well known locking capabilities of conventional taper bushes with one very significant difference. The thread lock bush has a series of short taper surfaces in the form of a continuous helix. 


After the bush is screwed into the hub the reducer can be conveniently positioned on the driven shaft. Locking is effected by sequentially tightening the screws which draws the bush axially against the opposing tapers in the hub thus generating the clamping force along the whole length of the bush in contact with the shaft. 



The helical gears are manufactured from high alloy steel and heat treated for case carburising or nitriding to achieve the optimum strength and wear resistance. Exacting quality standards throughout the manufacturing ensures the maximum working life.

Input/Output Shafts

Shafts are manufactured from high alloy steel and heat treated to achieve maximum strength to transmit power and absorb high impact load. Hollow Output Shafts having through keyway are manufactured and confirms to Indian Standards and Input shaft is integral part of pinion gear

Torque-Arm Mounting

Two positions are provided as per direction of rotation of Output Shaft for the mounting of torque-arm to have an advantage of universal mounting.

Bought Out Parts

All standard parts such as bearings, seals hardware are procured directly from reputed manufacturers for genuineness and cost effectiveness.