Safety Couplings

Cyclo Safety Couplings provide accurate, reliable overload protection for all types of machinery and equipment’s with thousands of different applications. These versatile units are available for freewheeling in Sensor, Overload, Synchronous and Ratcheting, types. Cyclo Safety Couplings have manual or automatic re-engagement and a unique method for setting the overload torque which makes adjustment both accurate and easy.



Cyclo Torque Limiting Clutches can be used as flange coupling with or without mounting to take chain sprockets, gears, toothed and V-belt pulleys. These clutches also connect co-axially arranged shafts to a flange, torsion ally rigid or torsion ally flexible coupling. Cyclo clutches are used in almost all fields of mechanical engineering. E.g. machine tools, agitators, foundries, rolling mills, mining industries, in SPM machines, crushers, construction machinery, industrial furnaces etc.


Cyclo Torque Limiting Clutches helps to prevent damage to person, machinery & equipment, making machines safer & more reliable. Repairs and downtime are minimized. Availability and productivity are therefore increased. Torque limiting clutch is a mechanical device which disengages immediately in case often overload and disconnects input and output. Additionally, an electrical signal can be provided through mechanical actuation of a limit switch to switch off the complete element. After removing the load, the clutch automatically returns its initial state and again ready for use.


  1. Torque Capacity : 12000 NM.
  2. Pilot Bores : 7 mm to 150 mm.
  3. Types :Sensor,Overload,Ratcheting and Synchronous.