Cycloidal Drive

Cyclo manufacturing and supplying Cycloidal Gearboxes for last 35 years. These are used successfully in a wide range of industries all over the India and exported to developing countries. The Cycloidal Gearboxes are designed and manufactured with own technology and practical experience of highly qualified manpower. The high-quality components manufactured with the help of sophisticated machinery are indispensable both for trouble-free operation. The multiple mesh allows power transmission several paths and ultimately compact design.

These drives are highly efficient compact speed reducers working on Cycloidal principle to achieve a high reduction ratio in compact size and co-axial, based on different sizes, each module has nominal rated torque value and various reduction ratios.

Drive Rating

  1. Torque Capacity : 60000 NM
  2. Reduction Ratio : 9.1 onwards
  3. Power Rating : 75 kW
  4. Input Type : Free, Hollow, Motor
  5. Mounting Type : Foot, Flange, C-Flange, Agitator


CYCLO housings are made of gray cast iron. All the power transmitting components are made from alloy steel, which is hardened, tempered and ground. Standard units are provided with shaft oil seals of Nitrile-Butadiene- Rubber (NBR).


Correctly selected CYCLO speed reducers will handle momentary peak intermittent shock overloads. Even for severe duty applications the units work for years together.