The Promoter is a son of a farmer, in the family nobody educated above SSC. His parents with their only vim of education they supported him fully and given opportunity to educate in engineering from IIT Mumbai. To start small business at the native village to provide rural employment. He completed education in engineering faculty and completed post-graduation from I.I.T. Powai in the year 1975. At that time, He had lots of opportunities outside the country, but decided to remain in the country to fulfill dreams of his parents through education and knowledge to create employment in rural area.

After completion of education, he took experience of 2 – 3 years in reputed industries. But from day one of his job he had a dream to utilize his knowledge for the country. He decided to start-up own business to manufacture, import substitute products in a small village having a population less than 3000 namely Patkhal, District – Satara, Maharashtra. To start a business, he received help from family, friends, Government institutes and Banks. Also struggled a lot due to non-availability of infrastructure, communication, and Inspector Raj in the period of 1975 till 2000. 

He started the small-scale industry to manufacture, import substitute products in the year 1979, with the capital investment of 2.25 lakhs and three workers.

He developed various import substitute products and Commercialized, for that he honored with an Invention Promotion Board award from NRDC, New Delhi. In 1981, he received the National SSI Entrepreneur award from Govt. Of India and at the hands of President of India in the year 1983. From the year 1986 to 1988 consecutive three years he received best productivity awards from NPC of India at the hands of Industry minister, President of India and Prime minister of India. He was also honored with several states, national and international awards.

During the period of 1985 to 1989 he developed a business for direct employment for more than 250 workers and indirect employment for more than 1000 workers. The sale was increased up to 10 % per year till 1996. For this he had received positive help from IFCI, IDBI and State bank of India. 

Shri. Pandurang Ramchandra Shinde

Managing Director

Pandurang Shinde was born on 8th March in a family of farmer in Patkhal village in Satara District. He completed his primary education in a village Patkhal and higher education in satara. He obtained a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Post graduation in machine Design from I.I.T. Mumbai, Master of Engineering & Chartered Engineer from the Institution of Engineers. Pandurang Shinde, who was always among the top makers, had a quest of learning and becoming someone special in life.

His enterprising mind led to his entry in business at the very early stage of his career. He started Small Scale Engineering Industry in 1980 engaged in manufacturing of Cyclo speed Reducers.

This speed Reducers developed by him were produced for the first time in India as import substitute. With an innovative product in hand and equally productive approach his small scale Industry has become an industrial empire today with the group turnover of over ten crores. The CYCLO group of industries has four companies and it has diversified its product range. Within short span Pandurang Shinde has received various awards on State and National level at the hands of the President of India for his Invention, Entrepreneurship and productivity.

Awards and Achievement


Received from Govt. of India, Ministry of Industry- President of India Gyani Zailsingh – (1983)


Received from National Research & Development Corporation – Minister of Science & Technology Shivraj Patil-(1984)


Received from National Productivity Council – Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi – (1985)


Received from National Productivity Council -Minister of Industries J.Vengalrao – (1986)


Received from National Productivity Council -President of India R.Venkataraman – (1987)


Received from Mahratta Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Pune – Minister for Energy Jayantrao Tllak-(1981)


Received from Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Bombay – Aabasaheb Garware -(1982)


Received from FIE Foundation of Ichalkaranji – Minister for Industries S.N.Desal -(1983)


Received from Govt. of Maharashtra- Governor of Maharashtra I.H.Latif -(1984)


Received from International Friendship Society of India, Delhi – Karnataka Cabinet Minister Mr. Yahyya -(1993)

NO doubt CYCLO has been honored with several awards and prizes for this achievement.But the single most important award we are proud of is the smiling face of our satisfied Customer.

Quality Policy

  • Our Quality Policy is placed up on the wall as a constant reminder to all our employees.
  • Cyclo has always been committed to the utmost quality in every aspect of its business – from state-of-the-art equipment and production processes to pre-sales and post-sales service.
  • We by following our Quality Policy, our customers have come to trust that their requirements will be manufactured with the highest quality standards.
  • Quality Policy of Cyclo Transmissions Ltd. is to build and improve confidence of the customer by providing products and services to meet his requirements.
  •  This shall be achieved by continuously improving the product and services offered to the Customer and shall be the responsibility of every member of Cyclo Transmissions Ltd.