Slewing Drive and Slew Ring

General Information

Cyclo Transmissions Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of slew Rings and Slewing drives, which are mainly applied in port machinery, mining machinery, welding machinery, construction vehicles, modular vehicles, single and dual axis solar tracking systems, and small wind power systems etc. There are produced in series to meet both regular and precise tracking requirements in PV, CPV and solar thermal power tracking fields.

Slew ring and slewing drives can bear axial load, radial load and tilting moment. The diameter range of slew ring can be from 200 mm to 4000 mm. For slewing drive, there are nine (9) different sizes available from 3″ to 25″ with more than 60 models to meet both regular and precise tracking requirements in PV, CPV and solar thermal power tracking fields.

Slew-Drive and slew ring

Cyclo delivers custom-engineered solutions to various customers, according to requirement. We also manufacture and supply slewing ring with high precision for special purpose requirements.

Cyclo is committed to keeping the spirit of continuous improvement and focus our strategy of strict quality control standards, quick response, prompt delivery and low price. We look forward to working with all our customer’s growing demands. Our ability to optimize the bearing design for your specific needs is unparalleled and we will assist you throughout the design, manufacturing and implementation process.

Drive Information

        Slewing Drive
Number of models : 9
Center Distance : 3” to 25”

         Slew Rings
Diameter : 200 mm to 4800 mm
Rolling Type : Ball, Roller, Thrust.
Gear Type : Gearless, Internal and External gear.