Pump Drive

General Information

These drives consist of some multiple pair of gears. Power is transferred from a prime mover through central gear to the peripheral output gears. Output gear transmits power to directly fitted hydraulic motor. This construction gives compact dimensions, robustness and versatility. The unit is equipped with input flexible coupling mounted on the engine flywheel. These drives are available with two, three, four or five outputs depending on requirements.

Design Features

The inherent compactness and high efficiency of the gears. Simple mounting of Hydraulic pumps. The design of these units optimizes torque performance, capacity and radial load capacity. Longer service life. Adequate capacity bearings Applications to fit a wide range of Hydraulic motor. Wide range of transmission ratios.


Road roller, compactors.
Mobile cranes.
Tower cranes.
Drilling machines.
Dock cranes & Deck cranes.
Construction cranes & conveyors.
Loading & cargo handling cranes.

Drive Information

Diameter Range : 150 to 400 mm
Reduction Ratio : 10 approx.
Torque rating : 5000 NM.
Power Rating : 037 kW to 37 kW.