Planetary Drive

General Information

Cyclo manufacturing and supplying Planetary Gearboxes for last 25 years. The simple planetary comprises of sun gear, planet, planet carrier assembly and ring gear. Coaxial sun gear and planet carrier assembly which comprises of carrier and the planets rotating at constant centers along with the planet carrier. The input is from sun gear and the drive motion through the planet carrier via planets and ring gear is generally stationery. The rolling contact of the planets with the ring gear provides the appropriate reduction ratio.

Planetary Drive

By varying the number of teeth of the sun gear and planets it is possible to achieve various ratios per stage. Multi-stage gear boxes are available by connecting the individual stages in sequence.

Input and output rotates in the same direction. The power is transmitted simultaneously through multiple planets and hence high-power transmission is possible in small size and will result in less weight.

The Product is designed with the help of computers for the optimum power to weight ratio. All components are designed in keeping stringent requirements. These drives are energy saving, sturdy and compact speed reducers used for high torque requirement, based on modular design, with nominal rated torque value and various reduction ratios.

Drive Ratings

Torque Capacity  : 1,000,000 NM
Reduction Ratio  : 3.48:1 onwards
Power Rating  : Up to 500 kW
Mounting Type  : Foot/Flange/Face
Input Type  : Free, Hollow, Motor