Cyclo Transmissions Ltd was established in 1979 and has grown since that time to become leaders in Power Transmission Products. Quality and trouble free performance of our products has been proved with their wide acceptance in the industries ranging from Aluminum, Chemical, to Heavy Engineering, Power Plants, Sugar Plants etc.

Started in 1979 as S.S.I.Unit with man power of 5 persons and investment of Rs. 3,00,000/-. Our promoter Mr. Pandurang Shinde heading from a very ordinary farmer family, he passed his M. Tech Machine Design from IIT Powai in 1975.

The brilliant mind and in-born design talent did not make him sit quiet and the CYCLO group was Established. Doing business and earning money was not only his aim in life. He till today helped the needed in society and still continues to do so. Just not by earning money but with also the good wishes of the society, Growing constantly Cyclo now employees nearly 250 persons and the total annual sales is Rs. 220 millions. The vast customer base is our strength and our achievement.

Registered Office Pune.
Factory Office Satara.