Drum Motor

General Information

Cyclo had designed and introduced Drum Motors with Planetary Gears to suit Indian conditions with the feedback from customers and practical experience. This drive system for belt conveyor consists of drum, gearbox, electric motor, coupling and shaft where the gearbox and motor are embedded in the drum. These are a single body and offers rigid construction. The design with planetary gears allows uniform load distribution on gears and gives more factor of safety.

The Cyclo Drum Motor design is unique. It consists of input shaft connected to the motor and motor is connected to the output shaft through gearbox components and forming a single body. The Power of the drum is given through the rotating carrier. Drum motor consists of mainly electrical motor, planetary gearbox, mounting shafts (both stationary). Rotating drum is mounted on the shaft with bearings and drum flange. The gear system is of 2 stages or 3 stages planetary construction. Components of drum motor are manufactured to high quality standards and care is taken for standardization.


Drum shell is manufactured from steel pipe with parallel faces. Drum shells can be provided with crown faces to ensure correct belt tracking to belt manufacturer’s recommendations. Stator and rotor of the motor are insulated to class F, terminal box and total drum motor is designed for IP- 65 protection. Drum flanges are designed for optimum strength and rigidity. Shafts are manufactured from high carbon steels to resist bending and torsional stresses and maintain proper alignment of gears under critical load conditions.

Drive Information

Drum Diameter : 140 to 800 mm
Drum Length : 400 to 1400 mm
Power Rating : 75 kW
Drum Type : Steel, rubber lagged.